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Pokemon: Prerelease BRS 11am Sat

Pokemon: Prerelease BRS 11am Sat

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This is for one Pokemon Prerelease entry. Entry will include a tournament pack, and three booster packs, which is handed out the day of the tournament. 

This is for those  attending the instore event.  Should we still have product on the date of Feb 12th - Feb 20th, 2022. Should Pokemon Play, or distribution push the date to a later time, we will hold entries till then. 

Quantities are limited, and may not reflect instore reservations - all tickets will be handled on a first come first serve basis. There are a total of 24 instore event seats. Limit of 1 online ticket purchases per person, additional orders may be cancelled. We do not ship product. Contact the store if you have further questions.

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