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Our Buylist Policy

Selling your cards to us is easy! Now that you are in Buylist Mode you can use the Search Bar at the top of the page to find a specific card, or you can browse by set above left. Once you've found the card you want to sell to us, simply add the quantity you wish to sell and click "sell". You must create an account with us to sell cards, so once that is done you checkout using your cart, just as you would when buying from us. Select the way in which you would like to be paid (Store Credit, Paypal, or Cash) and click submit. Once we have approved your buy list, you may send us or bring us your cards. We will let you know if we are approving the list for payment type as well.  We will process your order and send payment as soon as everything checks out.

If you choose Store Credit you will receive a 1.2xmultiplier on your sale.

If you are looking to sell us a large collection, please contact our Facebook Page, or email us. We would like to know the general amount of cards/boxes. For larger collections, we may opt to go to the collection location if easier.  

Please refer to our grading chart below to determine what condition your cards are in:

Card Grading:

  • Near Mint/Mint (NM/M) (NM - Played)
    The card is pack fresh if not close to it. There may be up to 3 small nicks around the edges from removing cards from binders or sleeves, but nothing more. Foils in NM condition will have all of the inherent conditions specific to NM but will also have minimal to no clouding.

  • Light Play (LP) (NM - Played)
    Cards in LP condition will show definite, yet slight, wear. Cards may also have minor scratches or edge wear from shuffling. There will not be any fading, bends, or creases. Foils in LP condition will have all of the inherent conditions specific to LP but may also have slight clouding.

  • Moderate Play (MP) (Mod - Hvy Played)
    Moderately Played cards will have edge wear on all sides, including, but not limited to, minor fading, bent corners, depressions, and mild to heavy shuffle wear. Foils in MP condition will have all of the inherent conditions specific to MP but will also have clouding. The card may have shuffle creases extending past the card border.

  • Heavily Played (HP) (Mod - Hvy Played)
    The card will show major face, edge and corner wear. It may have significant shuffle creases

  • Damaged (DM) (Damaged)
    Though the card may appear to be in better condition than Heavily Played cards, there will be some major defect. The card may be inked, it may have large creases or binder dings. Damaged cards may not be sleeve playable in only one sleeve, but cards that are on the borderline of being sleeve playable will only appear as "damaged".

Once we receive your cards we will grade the order and inform you of any grading discrepancies and issue payment. If you choose store credit the 1.2x Multiplier will be added and will be immediately available for use.



If you are creating a buylist, make sure your cards are in Near Mint condition. Cards that are not in Near Mint condition will be removed from your order. 

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