Fall Kotei!

Posted on 07/15/15

Thank you for looking into Medford, Oregon's Fall Kotei!
December 5th, 2015
125 S. Central Ave Suite 110
Medford, OR 97501 
20 Festivals ARC
Honor Event:
Food and Drink:
Victory Dogs, Burger Spot, So Rah Korean Cuisine, Paisan's Pizzaria, Jackson Creek Pizza Co., Bricktowne Brewing Company, Oh's Osaka, Misoya Bistro, Organic Natural Cafe, and more. 
Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Suites, Courtyard Medford, Shilo Inn, Hampton Inn, Inn at the Commons, Best Western, Travelodge, SpringHill Suites, and more. 
Medford is split in half by I-5, taking up exits 27 and 30. As Astral Games itself is on a one way street (Central Ave), the easiest approach is from exit 30. Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport is just off exit 30 as well, allowing an easier approach to the store. 
As the event is taking place on a Saturday, the downtown parking is free. There is a large parking lot directly across the street from the venue, as well as several more within a block or two. Street parking is okay as well, but tends to fill up fast. 
We are proud to be hosting our very first event of such a caliber for L5R, and as such want to make the experience as fun and accessible as possible for all the samurai and samurai-ko in attendance. The TBA spots will be edited and fixed as soon as the information becomes available. For any further questions in regards to the event, please email me at 

Big News!

Posted on 06/25/15

It's finally official! Astral Games has opened a new location in Grants Pass, OR!

You can find our new location at 824 NE E St, Grants Pass, OR 97526, or call them at 541-507-1801. You can also check out the official Facebook page for event info and hours!

The new location has its own inventory of Magic the Gathering Singles, which will revolve around the Standard format. For our Grants Pass customers who desire non-standard singles, we have added a new shipping feature on our website! During checkout, click on the GP Delivery service, and we will ship the singles to our Grants Pass location... at no extra charge!

Check out the Wishlist!

Posted on 12/09/14

Have you ever wondered if old cards you have lying around are desperately needed by other people in the area?

Don't have the time or patience to go through each and every card to check?


Now you don't have to! With our new updates comes a new way to search! It takes just 5 easy steps and you will have the tools available to become someone's hero!


  1. Click on the "Adv. Search" button just to the left of the search bar at the top of the page.
  2. Type "Wishlist" in the "Tagged With:" search bar.
  3. Make sure you have checked the "Search the Buylist Instead" box. 
  4. Click on the "Magic Singles" catagory in the center-left of the page.
  5. Click "Search" and see what the people need!
This allows you to see every card that goes up on people's wishlist! This also means that if you add a card to your wishlist, people can see that card more easily! So trade those cards in, earn yourself some credit, and help your local players out, all at the same time!

FNM Event Updates!

Posted on 11/25/14

We have exciting news for our Friday Night Magic players! We will soon be able to start handing out FNM Promos for all three of our scheduled events! That means that no longer will our 8:30 drafters have to be without their precious promos! This change in policy will take place as of January 2015.


Also in January, we have the possibility of a new event at 3pm on Fridays. Start shuffling up your Commander decks, because we want to start firing off Commander tournaments! The events will be very casual to start off, and as interest rises, and a steady number of people start showing up, we will make it an official event. This means prizes! The more people we get every Friday to play Commander, the faster we can get these events up and running!

Astral Games Logo Contest!

Posted on 09/12/14

We have selected a winner!
As you can see, the new logo is being proudly displayed all over our main site, as well as our various social media pages! The contest winner is Jacob Vian, whose fine work has earned him a permanent place in Astral Games history. 
Now that our new logo is in effect, its time for you to get your hands on it too! Check our Facebook page for details on how to order our new Astral Games shirts, in a variety of colors, all featuring the fancy new logo! In time, we may move on to sweatshirts, hats, playmats, sleeves and much more! Swing by the shop, or shoot us a message, and let us know what you are interested in!

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