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Amonkhet Bundle

Amonkhet Bundle

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Modern Masters (2017 Edition) takes players back to some of their favorite planes from recent history. Every card in Modern Masters can be added to a Modern format deck, and some cards even feature new artwork.

The set was designed to be drafted. WPN members can get maximum value out of Modern Masters by designating a portion of their allocation for its intended use: to offer a truly epic draft experience.

Because of the popularity of Modern Masters, the distribution will be partially allocation based. We're doing this to ensure this product is as evenly distributed as possible.

*Allocation quantities vary by region and availability and will be determined closer to release.  Price is for Credit Card & Paypal payments only.  If store credit is used for this item, it will be removed from your order and credited back to your account.  Please contact the store to use Store Credit on this item.

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